Kiss... Cheeks, lips or not at all. The context involves a colleague at work, a guy (me) that crush on her for over a year and the sudden growth of a?

I have been crushing for that girl for over a year and always kept it a secret but I need to let her know.

Any piece of advice is greatly appreciated.

Here is the situation.

I do have a crush on a colleague for over a year. I use all opportunities to talk with her, sit next to her at lunch (when I can) and sometimes chat online with her.

She invited me to take dance lessons (which we now do together) and sometimes will ask me out to do some activities with her. If not with me, she is always doing something interesting with people so I wouldn't say she is into me because of that. I think of course she likes me (you wouldn't take dance lessons with someone you didn't like).

Basically, I want her to know I love being with her and I would love even more to get more intimate with her because she is amazing and more importantly, I feel joyful around her. I want more of her.

(Also, since it might influence your thought, I never kissed before)

Short version

I have a crush on a colleague for over a year.
I don't think she knows but we go out sometimes and take dance lessons together (her idea).

I would like to get in a relationship with her.
I need to know if she is interested like I am.

I don't think she is flirting with me (or perhaps I am just missing subtle signs).

What should I do to conveys my interest?
Anything you want me to elaborate on?
(I already know what I intend to do but I'm curious to hear others opinion on that)

  • A kiss on the cheeks
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  • A quick kiss on the lips
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  • A kiss on the lips
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  • Just talk to her about it
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  • My best advice is to let her know you're interested and ask her to dinner or lunch or something you two have a common interest in. At the end give her a kiss on the cheek.


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