What to do/say when you see a girl you like?

What do I say or do to show her I'm attracted to her without being desperate?


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  • i use to have so much anxiety when talk to women that i was attracted to and never went up to any of them. but after realizing most women will be flattered that you approached them. i started introducing myself to more women, over time it was easier for me to go up to them. (side note alway approached from the front, never from the side or behind them, just seems creepy). besides your not going to be taking up her whole day. so what is the worst thing that could go wrong. she says no, or she has a boyfriend. to answer your question i usually ask them out, after a quick compliment (during the day example the grocery store). most of my successes are simple dates like a coffee / icecream / hot chocolate (winter in Canada). when your at clubs and bars are a little more tricky, because they know why your coming up to them. observe her if she plows through a crowed bar. compliment her on with a story (exemple wow you the way you plowed though the crowed you must be a linebacker for (your fav NFL so you have some knowledge of what you talking to her about)). at the club/bar just make you conversations stand out a little.


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