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Talking Phase Over... Now What?

I work with this girl (different departments so we don't see each other unless we go out of our way to drop by and say hello) I am 28 and she is 25.
We've been talking/texting for 3 or 4 weeks and go to lunch a few times a week.
We get along great and I know she is in to me like I am in to her. We've kissed several times in the privacy of my car and hold hands when we're driving.
She asked where it was going? I was honest and said I enjoy spwnding time with her and I envision us hanging our more (go on actual dinner/movie dates) and see where it goes; hopefully a bf/gf relationship.
She said she's scared. Because all her relationships haven't worked so obviously something is wrong.
I asked her if she likes me and spending time with me and she said "of course". I asked her again today if she'd like to go to dinner and a movie and she laughed and said "I do but honestly I'm so scared and nervous".
I told her to think of it as us hanging out for lunch but this time it's for longer.
She always thanks me for going to lunch with her and wishes we always had more time saying "lunches aren't long enough".
What gives? She says she likes spending time with me... but gets cold feet when I want to go on an actual date.
What do I do? What's going on in her head? Do I ask her again in a few days? Another week? Help!
Talking Phase Over... Now What?
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