How to follow up this first great date?

So we hit it off hard lots of talking flirting all night and doing cool new things. We went to a burger joint to try that out awkward convo ensued but it got relaxed ass we went then we headed to a beer house and she got to try a bunch of stuff which she never had the chance to do but wanted to then we headed to her favorite karaoke bar and drank more played pool and had a good time. We headed to my place and nothing really happened we kissed some and hopped in bed cuddled she got all flirty with that asked me why her i didn't know how to respond to that drove her home in the morning and we just had a good time. So the next day i sent her a pic from jarrow didn't get a reply then sent did you get that pic haven't heard back she could be working but i want to see this go further and i hippie she thinks the same how or what do i do to continue it


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  • If you're wondering why people haven't replied to this, it's because its hella hard to understand dude. Seriously, check urself before u wreck urself on here brotha. I didn't really understand what u were going on about so, sorry... i gave it a read... but got no opinion since i couldn't get the point of it.