If I guy barley texts you does that mean he's just not into you or he doesn't like texting? Help?

Ok so I kinda have this thing going with this guy for about maybe a month. We went on a couple dates and he texted me a lot but now he's not really doing that anymore. He asked me to go on another date and hang out but he never went farther then that so it never happened yet. He also doesn't text me as much maybe 2-3 times a week. Like? Is he still interested or not? I feel like he's not cuz were not dating so wouldn't he be trying harder so I wouldn't forget about him? He knows I'm the type of girl who does my own thing and it's kinda starting to worry me but I don't wanna come off as insecure or needy.


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  • may be he's busy in something or may be he's shy or thinking too much about you making him worrying.

    • He's not shy from what I can tell. But he seems to try. Hard to impress me that's why I don't get why he's not a little more clingy lol. I don't like clingy but I don't like too distant either

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    • well duhh, he's want's to be serious with you dumbo, you should definaiteley talk to him.

    • K thanks for that

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