She has a boyfriend? What should I do?

I love soccer and as the saying goes so what if she has a boyfriend soccer has a goalie and people still score! I've never liked a girl that was taken before as much as I do with this girl. She awesome. She's funny, plays guitar like I do, she's pretty! She in my English class ( I'm in college so I only see her once a week) one day we made a bet and she said I also made a bet with my BF ( we bet on this game) when I heard that I was like fuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeee!!! This is the second time it happened ( ths first one I didn't do anything cuz I had just meet her but didn't see her after and haven't seen her since) anyway what can I do to be like Messi and score?


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  • Yesss soccer♡ Be like Messi and score lmao. That's a good one, but you should definitely back off. Kinda sad she's doing that to her bf first of all, that should already tell you what kind of gf she is..

    • Hahah lol thanks let's just I have a lot of soccer fever lately my teams doing good <3colombia<3 I'm glad someone got it. She hasn't hit on me or anything like that it was just a friendly bet on the nba finals

    • Well luckily the spurs won and not the heat >:D haha well just be careful I guess to not fall for her while she has a bf

    • Acutely I lost the bet :( I betted on the heat to win in 6 she betted on the spurs in 6 she's a choklahoma and yeah I'll be careful :)

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  • I'd say don't interfere with her relationship but that's just me

    • Well i would t want to brake a relationship but I like her, that's whats bugging also I wouldn't know who to go about it how to hit on her or anything like that

  • Become friends with her, you never know what will happen. Dont interfere with their relationship and dont tell her that u like her as it will just make her confused.


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