Is it bad that I'm still not ready for a relationship yet?

Okay so sometimes I feel like I'm ready, but at the end, I'm not ready. I get kinds nervous when a guy asks me out, but I don't want to lead them on though then I'll feel bad. Also I don't wanna go out with them and say I'm not ready for a relationship and break the poor man's heart. I'm 24 years old and a college student majoring un Elementary School Education and I wanna focus on my studies. Men can wait. I do want another relationship, but I STILL don't feel ready. I don't want people to pressure me into dating and I don't want people to think I'm shallow when I say I don't feel the same way about that guy. Personality is the number one thing I care about. I don't know if I'll ever be ready. What is wrong with me? Have any of you felt this way? My older brother is 30 and he doesn't have a girlfriend. I'm not desperate or anything. I have plenty of time for a relationship.

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  • I'm exactly like you, I get nervous just thinking about it. But I'm still young (17yrs) so... I also don't feel ready but at the sane time I really want to...


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  • If you're not than you're not.

    I came to the same realization in college.


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  • You just have met the guy you want to be with yet