Girls, whould you date the following guy?

1. smokes regularly (it could be deal breaker for some).
2. masculine ( I know girls who dont like muscle )
3. not so good in academics.(borderline)
4. does not gives off much emotion ( not really bothered about what you do behind his back).
5. average looking but tall.
6. not so much into texting/calling.
7. quite selfish.
8. has a pretty bad history.
9. above points should be enough to decide.

For people wondering who m talking about-
No, only some of these are my qualitues.
1. I dont smoke at all
2. m pretty lean, muscular but not so much.
6. m. okay with texting.
8. I dont hv a bad history.
Rest is me
Its about my cousin , he always gets the best of the lot. Dude is a badass.


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  • Most women would date the guy, but that's not the right question. The right question is would they continue dating him for any length of time? Absolutely not.

    1. Some women it would be a deal breaker but that's normal.
    2. Women love masculinity, just not gross bodybuilding status.
    3. Women wouldn't think too much about the borderline academics and might even give it a "maybe he will change" look if he seems like a decent guy.
    4. This would kill a relationship for mostly all women, but they don't know this off the bat. On the outset it would seem like he's just a bit guarded and has proper boundaries of not being super emotional with strangers. It would add a bit of mystery. But then when that didn't change as things progress, they would drop him like a bad habit.
    5. Women like tall, and if women see him as average, he's probably actually above average.
    6. Again, long term they wouldn't like this, but in the short term just getting to know him it comes off as a guy who is cool and not easily attached. It seems like he has his own life and isn't the clingy type. But as time goes on women would realize, he is simply incapable of a strong connection, and that it wasn't a conscious choice he was making earlier on. Attraction would disappear.
    7. Again, on the outset, it seems like he's an independent person who isn't easily attached to people. He's not desperate for a connection and is fine with focusing on himself. This would change as time goes on and they realize he's just not really ever going to care about anybody but himself. Again, it wasn't a conscious choice but just his default setting that doesn't change.
    8. Generally not something people lead off with so by the point they find out, they are often willing to accept the notion the guy has changed, even if he hasn't. They will at least give him the benefit of the doubt so long as they like what they are seeing otherwise.

    • Take your MH bro. explained beautifully
      You are right, I have mentioned things like emotion, selfish etc but the girls dont know this , all they know is that a cool, good looking, tall guy in into them and by the time they do "He is done" and done for good as he already doesn't care much (indifferent). This is why he's been with so many girls.

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  • 1. could deal with it
    2. nice
    3. okay with it, i don't need a genius
    4. this pisses me off.. i like guys who show emotions
    5. okay
    6. a big NO
    7. i don't like selfish dudes
    8. bad history? wtf?
    9. errrrr

  • Girls, would you date the following guy?
    No as he is average looking.

  • From what I can understand here you've described an aloof jackass.
    No thanks, I wouldn't.

  • 1, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8 are all characteristics to think about twice. If you put them all together, I have to start wondering if he actually has any good qualities...

    • Very nicely put. But you did notice that I have only mentioned bad qualities/notsogood qualities?

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    • Very logical. (y)

    • Sorry, I'm a bit too logical sometimes. Of course if there's love things become more subjective, but #7 is still a big one for me.

  • No I wouldn't

  • Nope. Biggest thing that bothers me is that he isn't emotionally open. And I can't stand smokers or selfish people.

    • But this type of guy still gets girls. They don't see all these qualities printed on his forehead. You're describing my friends ex in perfect detail...

    • By selfish I mean he puts himself first.
      He gets a lot of them

  • Nope I wouldn't.

  • Some of the above points could be overlooked but for me it's an overall NO.

  • If you're in a relationship with that guy its DEFINITELY gonna be SHORT TERM. So why waste time... I'm good. Lol

    • You won't know that its gonna be short time initially because you won't know all these things from the start.

  • Yeah, I would but that's just me being me!

    • Oh, sorry didn't see your reply.
      I think most of them would but just not admitting here.
      When a cool, tall, good looking guy approaches you I dont think all these things matter that much.

    • NP... yeah most probably would not admit it... oh well, their loss... you can walk up to me anytime ;)

    • No shit Hahaha, cracked me up... :D

  • No I wouldn't... only 3 and 5 aaren't an issue with me.

  • I would not because there would be nthing to talk about.

  • I would hate to date #4 and #7.
    The rest is fine, but if he smokes it can only be once in a while. Don't like smokers

    • 4 means -lets just say he isn't very expressive emotionality, but he does cares.
      7 means he puts himself first, not too bad i say

  • Yep why not! He is still a human with a kind heart :)

  • I'd pass, i'm not into cigarette breath or selfish guys. Not sure what you mean by bad history... but if it's a violent history then no.

    • I meant that people know he had many gfs in past and none lasted more than six months. no its not violent

  • Smokers-no
    Masculine-not to fond of it
    Academics-need it
    Emotion-needs some
    talking at least
    Selfish-Um hell no.
    Bad boys-ugh
    So no this guy would be unacceptable I mean the only advantage of him is that he's tall but there's a lot if other tall guys. Wouldn't date him if he was the last guy on earth

  • to be honest. F no.. seems like average dumb jock

    i hate smokers
    dumb people
    selfish people.
    meat heads
    and people who have a bad history don't usually turn out well in the end..
    why do you ask? by the way.. just wondering..

    • Cousin, He is a bad ass and he always gets super hot girls.

    • hot girls or slots who are like him and smoke with a bad history.. or quality girls who you can take home to mom.. there's a difference you know..

    • I have met several , they were decent I'd say

  • Yeah I would. but I'd like him to at least show just a biiit of emotion.

    • Emotion in the sense , I don't get mad when you do something bad or get overwhelmed when you do something good.
      Although , I would appriciate if you do something good

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  • Ah the 'bad boy' image. EVEN if most girls say 'no' to this guy I guess he won't have any dearth of girls. Such guys tingle the deepest desires in a lot of women, ask me ;) :D

    Classic example of 'Nice guys finish last' lol

  • I admire your work though some girls post negative comments but for me it's quite innovative and original idea. Its an adorable post but I'm pissed and disappointed with the update.

    • I was curious why do girls dig him..

    • 1. tecqnique
      2. dependable.
      being dependable is one of the secret to win women's heart. Believe me, my best friend change his girl friends like a piece of clothes and i can say those girls are A++ level.

    • He says the key is be "indifferent" . looks like that

  • Is this your qualities?

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