Got back to him but things are different?

My ex and i broke up for like two months and I tried so hard to get back to him. he blocked me everywhere but after a while i called and found out he unblocked my calls and we texted. the thing is we're back two days ago and had a crazy made up sex and talked about the fight and still he thinks it is my mistake. anyways, the thing is he doesn't call or talk and he's acting weird. he's hanging with the boys all the time and I think maybe it is because we just got back and things suppose to be weird for a while?

how can I tell if he loves me?
and he said he haven't had sex since the break up, how can I tell he's not lying?
how can i get him to be interested in us again?

how can I ask him to unblock me on Instagram tho the reason of our fights are the girls he has there and their stupid comments, i have him on fake account and I see that he has a girl who flirts with him but can't tell him because he will know that I have fake account.

I know I asked to many questions but I really need answers


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  • First, even though you guys had sex, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are back together. Second, its not going to be a good relationship if either of you hold the things that happened it the past over each other's head. Chances are, your relationship won't ever be what it was before, and it sounds like he doesn't want to be in a relationship with you anymore, I'm not trying to be mean here, but that's what you make it sound like. I would try to back off for a while, or maybe focus on trying to be friends, especially if you want any type of relationship with him, but chances are, it won't be a romantic one.

    My best suggestion would be to back off, maybe spend more time with your friends and family, becauase it could be that you aren't over him yet, as that can take a while, especially if the relationship ended badly, which I can vouch for. Also, don't try to change yourself to get back with him, focus on yourself, do hobbies that you enjoy, or find new ones.

    If you guys are meant to be together, it will happen, but it can't be forced, because you'll both just resent each other.


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  • It sounds like he's just taking what you will give him since you ran after him