How long should I wait to give out my number online?

Guys between 18-25 don't waste any time asking for my number after finding out my hobbies and looking through my pictures. Guy between 26-33 ask for my number after getting to know my interests, career life, family life, hobbies and looking through my pictures. I take chatting offline seriously because I would rather the frogs stay in the pond if they are only looking for a hit-and-quit. Any thoughts?


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  • You can easily block numbers on phones. it is way easier to text on your phone then trying to communicate on a website like this one. So you can give out your number right away. you can always block it if it gets weird.

    • My phone won't block numbers, that's why I take it seriously.

    • wow, I have not heard of that. Well then I would wait until your comfortable enough with him. It is a judgement call.

  • How will we ever know when you're anonymous

    • I'm not chatting on this website.

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