How to conversation with this girl?

So I met this girl yesterday at a volunteering event. We talked a bit and I think that she is completely gorgeous. I found her on Facebook and we are now friends. What should I do to see if she's interested or not? How should I initiate conversation with her?


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  • aww what was the event? and I reccomend just talking to her and asking some questions to get to know eachother first.

    • it was a health screening event. she is a nursing student and i am a med student haha

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    • It would be acceptable any way, as long as you dont message her all the time and make her your one top priority. A guy is messaging me like crazy and I feel like I am being stalked to be honest. Just start friendly and slowly get to get deeper with her.

    • Thank you for the Most Helpful!! :)

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  • just KEEP IT REAL. make her feel comfortable talking to you. if she's interested, she'll keep on conversing with you. you will always know when a girl doesn't like you back by the way she's responding to your messages or unless she's just friendly to keep on talking.

  • HAHA just try to be natural. Don't be too obvious. Just try to befriend her first, but don't try to freak her out by weird words! Just ask her if she remembers you? But I think she does because she accepted you lol but it's a good way to start


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