What is the difference between raising kids that feel good enough?

The way society is it seems there have been kids that have been raised not good enough. instead hide behind a façade. How can you raise your kid to know they are good enough yet not to the point where they feel better than others. My dad left when I was younger but we still had him in our lives. My mom raised us herself but my sister and I have been raised pretty humbly. Now my sister's husband and his brother were raised by two parents and came out to be narcissistic. I notice sometimes my sister's husband tells us how lucky we are to have my mom. My mom is a very strong woman even going through a lot. My dad was also brought up by two parents but he was beat up by his dad constantly. So if anything I feel compassion for my dad. This doesn't make his choices right but is definitely how you were brought up.


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  • I guess all you have to do is loving your kids above everything, but teaching from the beginning that they can accomplish things only if they work for it. I guess nowadays kids get anything too easy. They don't learn how to fight for it and they don't learn limits and humbleness. We live in a spoiled world.
    It's really important to learn the word "no" and to respect the people next to you, so you know limits. And at the same time it is important to know you can do it if you really put effort, so you know that you actually have value and your hard work can lead you somewhere.
    Just theories, as I have no kids yet. :-)