When would be the right time to ask this girl out?

I met this girl online about a month ago. I messaged her first on the website. She replied to me about a week later (she'd been out of town). Shortly after that, she found me on Facebook and we've had two or three really good conversations.

I'd like to actually ask her out, but I'm not sure if it's too soon or not. Also, we haven't exchanged phone numbers yet, so I should probably do that first, right? Is it too soon for that?


Thank you both very much for your help. I just asked her out to dinner and a movie and she said yes, so we're meeting this coming Thursday! Sorry, you both had such good and helpful answers. It came down to a coin toss lol. Thank you :)


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  • Yeah exchange phone numbers and get to talking on the phone first. You don't want to go out on a date with a girl that you have only texted with just in case you find yourself unable to keep up in the conversation with her or feel awkward. Talk to her and find some common interests and then when it feels right say "hey did you know this show or whatever is coming to town? I can get tickets if you might want to go. It could be fun" She will likely say yes. Good luck and hope this helps. cheers :D


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  • It would be good to exchange phone numbers, yes. That way you guys can chat a bit more and build up your relationship. If you feel that the friendship between you guys is safe and friendly, then I suggest asking her out then.

    Remember to be kind and respective as well and learn a bit about her, and tell her a bit about you as well. This will help you get too know her as well.

    • Thank you for your answer. I'll probably ask her the next time she and I talk.

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