When will it happen, and will it again?

Alright guys and girls i have one question. My ex and i ended our relationship and im single now for nearly 9 months (she was my first gf.). She was the one that came up with the idea of brake up becouse "It was no longer what it was before" as she said. First 2-3 months i just wanted to be single, but then i realised i should find somebody else to get over her and move on... i was never so wrong lol. I was good bf i have to say all in all, never cheated, always was aside her in all events trough our relationship. But dating lately has been... more than dissapointing. I have been on few dates with girls that i found attractive and interesting (trust me im quite picky).. but guess they didn't feel the same so it all went into the water. I am an average looking guy who knows how to talk to girls, behave in front of them but so far it just seemed that i was the only one interested in the end while the girls usually kinda friendzoned me or just told me they are not interested in me that way... So my question is, how long does it take for "love" to find a way again... can lightning strike at the same place twice?



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  • There is no time limit when it comes to love or a relationship I firmly believe everything happens for a reason!! Those girls weren't right for you otherwise they would've worked out, be patient love will come when you least expect it!! Chin up buttercup


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  • You need a lot of help man. I feel bad for you, but most decent, intelligent guys started out the way you are now. All you need to open your mind is to read the book I am about to give you. The Game, by Neil Strauss. Here's a link to a pdf of it. www.conspirazzi.com/e-books/game-strauss.pdf

    Once you read it, there are more to read. After that, you must start putting your new skill and brain into action. It will change your mindset, new horizons will open for you and you will see how young and inexperienced you currently are.

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