Ackward time between setting up the date and being at the date?

Here is a sequence of events:
1.) You meet someone
2.) You get get their number,
3.) You or the other person calls
4.) A first date is set up
5.) then you have the date 2 or 3 days later.

my question is between step 4 and 5, do you contact the person at all aside from letting them know you are on your way to the date.

if so, what would you say? you don't know each other very well and that is what the first date is for. but it seems odd to not speak until the date.


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  • Well of course you do. Always keep in touch throughout


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  • You can talk about non personal things like the place where you're going on a date. You can asker if she's been there before or if it's close to her house (that if you don't know her address). Then you just go with the flow.


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