I won't my boyfriend to move in with me and my daughter what else can I say or do?

Him and his mom wee my neighbors they live under me and I my 21 year old special needs daughter well his mom passed away June 9th this year.

She did baby Kevin a little to much he suffers with seizures well
his sisters and brothers won't to get him more indepent get him a 1 bedroom apartment in Baltimore Maryland they have said if he wonts to stay here or go home be fine.
Him and one of his sisters went back to Maryland for her funeral for 2 weeks this has been real hard we see each other every day there were 8 of them they will be back.

I am just stressed and worried he is going back in 2 to 3 months I have told him I wanted him to move in with us he said I understand we would have a discusson when he gets back well called yesterday then he said him and his brother had a discussion asked would we like to move there.

He get a house etc I told himI I would have to visit now my daughter is my concern plus both of us would really have to adjust me getting new drs neurogolist another day support program really for her I can no longer work but still.

Its giving me a headache I worry stress as it is now this I say they are there having discussions andI am here worrying wondering my stomach gets to hurting like crazy at times I will be glad when weekend comes he come home but I dread what he decides Advice PleaseAsap sorry been together 2 years


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  • Just tell him what you want


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