Is this okay or am I overreacting?

I've been with my boyfriend for 5 months and everything's pretty perfect. I trust him implicitly and we have a very good emotional connection. However, he works with a girl who he is very close to and whilst I believe he'd never cheat, I feel uncomfortable with them hanging out alone. The other night he invited me to dinner with him and this girl- I declined because I was out with my own friends. The whole evening he was texting and ringing trying to get me to meet them, but we were on opposite sides of town and it never materialised. When he called he told me he was "off his face" having had a whole bottle of spirits and was going home. He texted me that night to let me know he'd got home safe.

The next day I met up with him and told him I was really upset he'd got drunk with this girl, alone, and I thought it was inappropriate. He told me they're like brother and sister and nothing would ever happen between them. He also reassured me that he's never cheated, never would and if he wanted to explore other avenues (with this girl or any other), that he would tell me.

I believe him but this still bothers me. Should I just trust him and get on with it? Do you believe he can be good friends with her and nothing more? I don't know what to think anymore, I'm so confused. Thank you!


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  • There comes a point in time where you have to simply trust people. I think with this you are overreacting. He did try several times to get you to join them. He doesn't keep this other woman a secret. If you are bothered by, try to make a better effort next time to spend time with them instead of your friends.

    • I'm glad you think this! I do trust him, it's just whenever I say to people "he got drunk with another girl one-on-one" it's a no-brainer. It sounds bad, but I feel like this could be an exception...

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  • In my personal experience, a guy doesn't spend time with a girl unless he finds her attractive in some way, personality, looks, whatever the case... he is probably telling you the truth since he wanted you to meet her, so this sounds like a personality and friend thing... i would meet her, and u decide what u think..

  • I think he did nothing wtong,.


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