Should I tell a friend who's moved away?

Long story short! Been friends with a guy for over a year but we've gotten closer over the past 7 months and I've grown feelings for him. The thing is, we've both just finished uni and he's moved back home ( hours away from me). I tried to get the courage to tell him while he was here but I had little doubts stopping me.

In the last few weeks I was pretty sure he liked me:
-he started to hug me for ages when saying bye and say he would miss me
- he would hold my hand and intertwine our fingers when walking back on a night out
-he kept saying I smelt amazing
- kiss my shoulder slightly when hugging
-would whisper things to his brother (he said I weren't allowed to hear what they were saying)
- mutual friends have said after he left that they thought we liked each other and that he said to one that he thought I was good looking

He never acted any further and I have doubts despite what I've said above, mainly because he's a friendly outgoing person anyway and because he was a bit of a lady's man in 1st year before I knew him. Plus when on fb we'll talk for a bit but he doesn't really carry on the convo or even read the last message sometimes even though he's online.

So basically I'm on the fence on whether I should say something, as I feel like I need to know but don't want to risk losing him as a friend!

What do you think?


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  • I think you missed your chance. I would not want to be in a ldr with someone, especially if it was just beginning. I don't think you or him would want to be apart and not be able to see each other so I don't see it working. I would chalk this up as a lesson learned for next time.

  • You will never know if you don't tell him/her your feelings, I have come to learn that being open and being honest is the best policy, even if they don't feel the same there should be no problem if still being friends otherwise they are not a true friend. So many relationships and friendships end because of lack on communication.


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