Why would a girl change her mind about you?

Why would a girl change her mind about you? Say she turned you down, what would make a girl have a change of heart?


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  • due to circumstances

    • So could it be plausible that the girl liked the guy but due to circumstances didn't feel as though anything could happen at that particular point in time?

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    • Erm, I'm not so sure I believe that, but I shall cast benefit of the doubt.

    • thanks for MH

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  • Depends on the girl…

    Maybe she didn't want a relationship before and now she does.
    Maybe she was interested in someone else but it didn't work out.
    Maybe she was going through life issues and now feels settled.

    It could be a lot of things.

  • I wouldn't...

    Unless he was a guy I didn't really know and I'd not been emotionally available for some reason the first time I knew him.

    • I'm sure you've contradicted yourself there.

    • I meant if I knew the guy pretty well, I probsbly rejected him because I wasn't attracted to him or thought we were a bad fit. A stranger could have been rejected simply because I wasn't looking for someone at the moment.

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  • Find another woman. I had a friend turn me down, she said I wasn't boyfriend material. When I stared dating someone else and quit paying attention to her, she suddenly had a change of heart. A man with a woman is more desirable, meaning they have a higher value.

    • I never said I was going to pursue this girl. I was asking why someone would change their mind.