What should I say when I aproach the girl lets say in school and we dont know eachother?

I have no problem making a girl laugh and taking her number when we are at the party or if i know her from somewhere. Problem is I'm not like that when I'm not high or drunk. If I'm normal i tend to ignore girls, its not that I'm shy or something its just often i don't find them interesting and i know I'm not impressing anyone talking about how i "got high that time" or did something stupid and dangerous. I want a normal, smart, girl.
I wanna meet her and fall in love because she is amazing. And i know I can't find a girl like that at some party where is damn to easy to "get some action"


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  • Say this- Hey im (your name) you must be beautiful but really whats your name (she says her name ) You have amazing (eyes or smile) then you ask her about herself and tell her about yourself


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  • If you dont want to make it awkward just be like hey i think I've seen you (name a place that youve seen her or just make it up) and then she will be like oh yeah haha ( if this happens say hi im ______) and if she says no ( be like I've seen this girl that looks like you i swear it was you) this will make her laugh haha abd then just introduce yourself and WALA! that easy, thats what i do with sone cute guys that go to my school and now we talk to each other and are friends


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