Texted all day until he met me on skype, now the texting has decreased dramatically, why?

I met this guy on a dating site and we hit it off right away. He asked me for my number and we continued chatting on whatsapp. He used to text me morning and night, almost all day. Then he asked to skype, I agreed right away. We skyped for two hours. The day after he texted me again. But ever since then, the texting has decreased tremendously. He texts me maybe once, twice a day.
Last night I sent him a good night and good luck with exam text and he still hasn't answered. I know he's seen it because his "last seen" on whatsapp says that he was online a couple of minutes ago.

I know that I'm not that good looking and I had some pictures on the site and my profile states that I am overweight as well.

Any thoughts?

Oh and I am currently working on my weight, I am dieting and going to the gym regularly. So, I know I have to do something and I am.


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  • Dear...,

    Its nice that you are motivated for getting yourself better but you should love yourself first. For that guy I think you were just a person for passing time. He may got another girl whom he thought better than you. You should not feel bad about it since its his choice to move on. It happened with me also with close friend we got mad for each other at certain point but I dont know after some time she start behaving like we never ever met even single time. Now I come to know she got engaged with someone else. At same time whatever dream I shared with her I am on completion of them. There are many like his but it should not stop people with pure heart. You should take this as learning experience and move on. Prove others and change yourself dynamically. Re-create your look and achieve success in whatever your professional/study area is. All the best.


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  • Hey Anonymous,
    Being a guy, I can think of a few reasons, and I'll be straight with you.

    It just may be the thing you fear, of him not liking how you look. Men can be... fickle.

    It may also just be that he's really busy. I know this because I used to not text my girlfriend during exams, even though I was using whatsapp to ask people questions doubts etc. The last seen has been the basis for many a fights I have had with my ex

    I hope its the latter.
    If its not, he's probably not worth your time. Those who appreciate you, deserve your company.

    Good luck with the weight loss, I'm also on a weight loss regime to cut out the flab I have accumulated on my hips. Ew, I hate it :P


  • I don't know maybe you said something he did not like or maybe he has other interests. You can't really tell can you.


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