How long after/on the third date should I wait to ask her to be my gf?

Im going ice skating with her sometime this week , we've already had our first kiss but im planning on moving things forward on this third date like more personal. How long after this date should i ask her to be my gf and how to make it more romantic by the way we havnt really talked about sex a lot on the first two dates? and what are some things to subtly turn her on without trying to hard?


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  • Do what feels right with the way things have been going dont force things keep them natural.
    Maybe you can let her know that you really like having her around and you want to be there for her. Not in these words just something along those lines.
    This is one way of letting her know you really care about her without being too direct and seeming too forward.

    • hmm alright thanks for the advice :)

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