Are we meant to be together, even if its a thing?

I'm a 17 yr who is fairly attractive and he is a 20-early something man who is as well.
We get along amazingly and he has flirted with me a few times definitely. Joking we were getting married, being protective with other guys and considerate of my emotions.
He is in an open relationship from what I know. having little affairs on the side. But never has he been unrespectful towards that. He treats women good.
Well. anyways. I have tried to hint at him I have a thing and he seems to not be getting it.
Im starting to realize maybe he sees me as too young but immature not. He has made it clear to me that I have the personality of someone of his age. So if its not the age? Also he mentioned that when we talk, im like his sister. Freind zoned?
Is there anyway I can make it clear to him I want something more? He wouldn't take advantage of me and he is a bit shy.
I turn legal in a few months and someone said I have a chance. They know him pretty well.
Whats the deal here? Im blind and confused in this.
Someone!!! Advice?
Thanks :)


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  • "Are we meant to be together"- I wouldn't go that far.

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