So should I? Go for my old crush?

So back in 2007, I really, really, really, liked this girl. I think I came on a little to aggressive, or shall I say clingy. But she was interested in me, she called me cute, very sweet, we text a lot, but I also just got out of basic training and was soon to depart. Then I left to go fight a war, I called and told her this. Even after a long day fighting in Iraq, I called her after a day to relax. She picked up the phone, but I didn't say anything.

On my second deployment we started talking again on fb, which was in 2011, from that day on we still kept in contact but not as much now, just small talk here and there. Well late 2011 I got out the army. We ran into each other at school ( 2012 ), and she said I grew up very well, lol. Well on Valentine's day, she ask me if I wanted to hang out, right now, she asked at the wrong time because I was in class. I did not know that it was Valentine's day if i did, I would of ran out of class. ( I just got out of a relationship late 2011 )

Well time passes by, we don't talk much no more, but small talk here and there monthly, and sometimes when I'm drunk, but she doesn't mind, she knows when I'm drunk. We haven't seen each other since early 2012. Until, yesterday. She passed by in front of me in the gym, purposely. I acknowledged and approached, I'm not shy whatsoever. We hit off enjoy every small talk we had. She seem to follow me around, I smiled every time, and gave small talk.

So, what ya think? Does she like me? Should I ask her on a date? I know girls loves a man with confidence and a man should chase what he wants.


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  • Your intuition is telling you the right thing. Go for her, she clearly seems interested, she just may be afraid that YOU are not interested in her seeing as you didn't even want to hang out during Valentine's (from her perspective).

    Moreover, if she purposefully passed by you, smiled, and talked to you, she is clearly feeling comfortable in your presence. In the worst case, she would love to hang out as friends.

    But that doesn't matter to you.

    You start off asking her confidently on a date, and then go out with her and show her what you got, whether she took you as a friend (which I doubt), or a man.

    So go for it and DON'T FUCKING HESITATE. Biggest life lesson for me right there <<

    • Thanks brother, I will hit her up soon.