Meeting my long distance boyfriend?

Okay so this Sunday (29th) I am flying to meet my long distance boyfriend. I have spoken to his mum and everything. (I am 16 and he's 17).
What I'm worried about is that I can suffer from Social Anxiety if in some way I feel uncomfortable without a reason, though it only happens with people I have never actually met in person before.

So when I arrive to the airport, I will be literally feeling so tired from the flight and that, that I bet I will be super sensitive and If I am not careful I could have a panic attack.
What I need help in is: how would you/should I react when I arrive and I see him standing there with his mum? I don't want to look really awkward because I am not.
I need to know how can I react, if I should walk towards him, or run, or whatever it is, while having my feelings under control otherwise I will get anxiety.

omg I just don't know please help!!! Thanks x


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  • Just walk towards him, maybe give him a hug if you feel like!


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  • Don't feel awkward just go up and give him a hug!
    Where is he from? :D

    • spain aha x im from spain too but i moved to the uk a loooong time ago :)

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  • Just give him a hug. Lol I know it would be awkward at first but it's gonna be ok. Sk don't worry.