Why do I always attract the people with wrong intentions?

I've been single for 4 years, its been getting kind of tiring meeting guys who are only after one thing... I dont what it is about me that lures those type of men towards me. I dont present myself that way either! I just dont get it.


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  • I feel the same way
    And the rare guys I meet like that end up leaving me or I end up messing up but I only met two guys that didn't just want sex but I never had sex with him
    I think it might be because I'm naturally flirty but at the same time I can't force a guy to see me sexually it's not my fault

    I never initiated sex


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  • Looking at your picture, I can tell you that there is a very sweet innocence about you.

    It makes a man feel very high if you allowed him to take that from you. Your innocence will always be a part of whom you give it to (Who you have sex with).

    Unfortunately, these days are filled with shallow, empty men who chase after women like you, beautiful, sweet, decent, kind, and with an innocence inside that they would like to defile. Please do not think I am ragging on you, no, you have a very special gift, and I do not want to see it squandered any more than you do.

    Sometimes a woman can exude a beauty from her heart, her soul, and her personality that men just "See". Even depraved men can see it, and crave to defile it. It makes them feel "good" for a time to take it from you.

    Not all men are this way.

    My best advice to you, is to wait. Do not be led away by men's words... Be moved by his actions.

    There is a man out there, when you first lay eyes on him, something will stir inside of you. Do NOT be led by your heart. Your heart will deceive you. However, if you wait, and you are wise, and you hopefully are seeking God, your heart will come alive when you see the man who will want to spend the rest of his life next to you.

    Not only your heart, but also your instincts... That small voice telling you... That man only wants one thing. Good for you for listening to it. It will NEVER lead you stray. When your heart aligns with your instincts, you will have found the man who was created for you.

    In the mean time... Look inside of yourself. Introspect. Use these lonely years as time for maturing, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. These are times of growing for you... Keep yourself pure, you will have NO regrets when you find him.

  • I've been told, girls only enter relationships with men they plan to marry. If he's not thinking marriage, why would he want to be in a relationship with you?


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