We hung out why hasn't he texted?

I met this guy on Facebook and we were talking everyday. Every morning he would say good morning every nigh te would say goodnight. We clicked instantly. He invited me to the movies but I told him I just got out of relationship and I wasn't ready. So he told me as friends. He's invited me lots of places. After a while I said yes. We hung out at a park, I have a little son but he said it was fine. We talked for hours and everything went well. And he even played with my son a lot. He made sure I got home okay and texted me goodnight and that it was nice hanging with me. He commented on a Facebook post the next day and I haven't heard from him since? I tried texting him and no reply. That was once. And he's been on Facebook so I'm not sure what I did wrong or what happened I thought it went well :( it's been 5 days I know it's not a lot, but we were talking everyday...


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  • pretty bad news, if you texted him and he didn´t reply... there are no cases where "having lost interest" wouldn´t be the most probable explaination.

    • Aww :( that's too bad I actually thought things went well. Plus he texted me right away and made sure I was home. I wish I knew the answer

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    • I just thought I'd give you an update he ended up texting me I guess his phone was broken ! Lol

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  • He prob, did like you or still does. But sometimes after a couple times hanging out, there are probably somethings he didn't like about you. Be straight forward with him, ask him why he has been ignoring you. It's better than not knowing.


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