Would Japanese guys ever like me?

Hey, Im a 20 year old Canadian female who is going to be staying in Japan for at least a few years. Im studying at a university where I have a crush on this Japanese guy, he seems really shy, and I often try to approach him but its difficult to tell if he doesn't want to talk or is just shy. I do want to know him better but I dont think that he will ever like me.
In fact, I have a feeling that most guys here in Japan will never like me. I asked some female friends, and read online about the type of girls that they like. Apparently they like modest, polite girls who aren't aggressive or argumentative. and look very very slim because the women here are quite skinny, also with pale skin, and very feminine. Unfortunately a friend said that most Japanese guys wouldn't be very open to dating a foreigner.
Now I feel pretty inadequate, because here is my description of myself: My skin is naturally brown. Im not black, but I do have some Indian mixed in me. I am also not very skinny, Im like 165 cm and 66 kilos, and I carry tons of weight in my legs and Im flat-chested despite weighing so much. I have a really tough time losing weight, even with the healthy food here. I can be very polite, but I do love a good debate, which I guess can scare some guys off. This almost sounds like the opposite of what is the ideal female here?
So, if you live in Japan or are Japanese yourself, please tell me your brutally honest opinions/observations!!


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  • You do know there's some huge thing, that Japanese young people seem to have lost interest in sex?

    That, and Japanese are not racially outgoing people.

    • Sex is not on my priority list, Im mainly talking about dating relationships in general.

    • Right. Thing is, when people have no interest in sex/romance, dating isn't very important... kind of like if I don't want money, I don't go to work.

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