Is attraction enough to start dating?

a guy and me really like each other but we're both too shy to admit it outright, and we're really shy around each other at this point period and other than that we don't have a lot of things in common. but we have so much chemistry it's crazy -- we both want to be with someone we can feel safe falling for - is it worth it to try and get to know each other and see how it goes?


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  • Well are there any obvious warning signs?

    • yea... it's pretty much the typical "bad boy" with the "good girl" scenario..

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    • No I totally get it. As long as he knows you're a christian and respects it. Not gonna lie, would be better to date a christian, but it sounds like it may be worth a shot as long as he values you above weed and doesn't deal (that's a huge mess just trust me on that one)

    • yea :) thanks so much!! :):)

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  • Reading your tete-a-tete with poppunk there. Although for me it's not a deal breaker, the pot is a red flag. Yes, I've known people who smoke it who have great jobs and are responsible people. However a disproportionate number of people who smoke pot on a regular basis are losers.

    Let me ask you about another possible red flag. How does he treat other people, including people who aren't his friends or family?

    For the record, I think attraction carries more weight than having things in common.

  • You don't need common interests, but you do need common values.


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