Which guy is good for me? I need some opinions! Please help!?

So I'm choosing between two guys, and I think I already know who to choose. But i need some help and some opinions on this. *I asked each guy why they would want to date me.* They both have proved that they really really like me!!! (These are their exact words.) Guy A said this, "You being you made me want you." Guy B said, "Because, you're beautiful, cute, funny, accepting me for who i am without question. feel like you're the right person i should be with, and id rather have you over all of the rest."
Which guy do you think is taking me more seriously? Guy A or Guy B? Keep in mind they are both crazy about me.

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  • Guy a and b basically said the same thing but guy a just made it shorter

    • Yeah they are... but that doesn't help! lol

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    • you are right. I like guy a more. But would you go with the person you knew longer?

    • Well how long have I known them?

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  • can't really tell if we dont know the tone of their voice. Sum guys can be charming and use dat to their advantage to score on da cuties. Other than that, u nvr know how genuine they really are unless ur friends with them for a veey loooong time.

  • Guy A has a cuter answer. Sometimes there is a charm in someone that you can't put your finger on but you know that the person has it. "You being you" describes that feeling well.

  • How are we suppose to know who's serious with just one sentence from each guy? so I have no idea.

    • I asked one already telling all the info lol but couldnt find help..

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