Trying to choose the right guy?

I am talking to a guy right now that I have been seeing for a few months. While we have a lot in common and have figured out how the other thinks, we still argue at least once a week and I also don't like that he has no true goals, he is just complacent with his job. He doesn't remember a lot of the things I tell him and likes to end our dates early so he can get sleep (I'm 21 and he's 23). I met another guy (not intentionally!) that seems to like me a lot. He is going to school and working, like I am, and loves to stay up late and do a lot of the same things I like to do. He always texts me back and seems to legitimately care about everything I tell him while the other guy is kind of selective with what he finds to be important/not Important. The first guy told me he loves me and couldn't imagine not being with me, and the second guy says he's very interested in me but doesn't want to interfere with my "relationship". I don't know whether to leave the first guy or not because we do have our good moments despite all of the bad ones and I am also afraid this new guy with surface things I don't like in the future. Any advice?


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  • I think when you're 21 if there is any conflicting feelings in you it just means it's not right. Personally feel like working through issues is something that comes later in life like when you're married with kids.

    Either way you have to pick one and go with it. Having 2 people on your mind isn't fair to either of them (or yourself).


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