Facing insecurities in my new "relationship": is it normal?

So, there's this cute girl I'm dating lately. I might say we are even together, but I don't wanna test my luck. She is excellent for me, not only in appearance but we totally match, even in nerd levels. She is 18 while I'm 22. Anyway, it all started very weird: we saw each other that one time, liked each other, then saw each other 2 weeks later. We kissed that day, and since then the female friend who paired us has been relaying information back and forth because the girl is that shy. This might not be so good after all.

According to my friend, the girl doesn't want a relationship and only wanted to "check me out". Thing is, she is a virgin, so this checking out doesn't refer to sex. If it was referring to just making out, we've been out 7 times so far. She has already gave me a pet name. Last time we were out with her and my friend, I met her in a group of 4 male friends, all staring at her butt, and she launched herself on me smiling when she saw me. When I was joking about joining the Green Berets, she asked me what she's gonna do if I go on with the idea. She laughs at my most horrible jokes and always finds a way to sneak around me. Sorry, but my friend can yell that 'she doesn't want a relationship' crap as much as she wants.

Now, to my problem. We haven't officially announced each other a couple, and I don't want to rush things and bring it up. She is definitely girlfriend material for me, though. Also, I'm a very insecure person and since she is a bit unpredictable and I might say unfamiliar with anything sexual, I'm afraid my every move will result in losing her. For example, yesterday, I was trying to grab her hand to kiss her, but I accidentally touched her lady parts outside her shorts. She jumped up and seemed a bit agitated, but didn't show signs of anger. Also, yesterday she came with my friend to my place in a surprise, and my room was a bit of a mess.

I know these are tiny details, but I can't help it! What do you think?


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  • You should just tell her how you feel!

    • Unfortunately, as romantic as it sounds, that's definitely not an option. As far as my intel tells me, she has a couple of morally ambiguous friends who "consult" her and tell her she shouldn't have a relationship in summer. Me going full throttle on her would only ring some warning bells when she talks with them.

    • I understand that. Maybe you can just show her instead of telling her directly? Maybe take her on a romantic date but just tell her it's to hang out? Show her how it would be if she actually committed to you.

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  • You're being too timid.

    And that can turn off a girl, quicker than anything.

    Be more of a man.

    • I know man, and that's why I try my best for her not to see that. It's just killing me when I'm alone and thinking about it. My reaction yesterday, when the oops grab thing happened was to smile at her and tell her 'come on, you know I was going for your hand, silly".