Is this a sign he's falling for me?

I've been seeing this guy and the last time we hung out he kept saying how amazing he thinks I am and that he really likes my personality. When we were about to have sex he asked if instead of having rough sex we could make passionate love instead. I was under the impression that to make love meant being in love. Are these signs he's falling in love with me?

I don't know if it changes anything but he's moving away and it was going to be the last time we see each other for now. Maybe he was trying to tell me his feelings?


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  • That is correct. The moment it switches from rough sex to anything closer to cuddling, dude is lost lol.

    • Does it change anything that he was leaving and moving? Do you think e was trying to tell me how he feels before he leaves?

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    • So does that mean he was falling for me and is sad to leave?

    • Well. He's sad.

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  • sounds like quite the romantic type. he's falling for you.

  • He's falling for you. :)


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