Trying to date again -- advice?

I'm trying to date again after being married for a while. I'm trying to figure out where to go to meet guys without giving the idea that I'm open for a "one-night stand" sort of thing. Bars and Clubs are really out for me.


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  • First off sorry to hear that your marriage didn't work out. I think that Clubs are the worst place to find a date. Bars are ok but are so cliche. What comes to mind would be through mutual friends, weddings, gym (sign up for a class), dating websites (why not give that a chance), community events and workshops, volunteering. I take back the clubs comment. There are social clubs that cater to certain people and is meant for singles mingle and get to know each other.

    • The dating websites are not for me. Too many really creepy fellows who fib extremely on their profiles. I agree about clubs, and bars... you meet the same sort of fellows. I am a member of a few local organizations and such, but the guys usually come to one meeting then leave the rest to the girls to tend to. The last one I went to blared loudly "MEN, WE NEED YOU. LADIES TICKETS SOLD OUT." and I felt like the girls were so desperate to socialize and the guys so uninterested... It's a little disheartening.

    • Well its probably because at your age (no offence) but the older, and usually wealthier men tend to try their luck with women in their 20's.

    • You're absolutely right. No offense taken. Personally, I think it looks ridiculous and opens them up to developing bad tendencies for jealousy and insecurity.

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  • I'm 32, and having the same issue. I'm using dating sites, but their expensive and usually a waste of time. All my hangouts are full of young twenty year olds.

    • But isn't that what the guys your age want -- the 20-26yo? Guys in their 30s (even bordering their 40s) are always approaching me under the assumption that I'm one of the 20-somethings (or going for one of the girls in the room who is a 20-something).

    • There are some free ones. Cupid etc.

  • Bars and clubs are out, then perhaps you can meet someone through a friend of yours.

    • I tried, but the girls really actually want to be -- or recently were -- with the guys who they recommend. My guy friends are not really good at giving references.

    • Have you considered dating sites?

    • Yes. I could write a short book about that unfortunate year. Better single than caught in a series of false connections.

  • Just try online. Match. come, eharmony are good options.


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