Guys and Girls? Not sure if the feelings are mutual?

I went to a Comedy show and the Comedian had approached me after the show telling me to call him later so that we could hang out because I was going out and he had another show to do. I ended up texting him after to see if he was still at the place the show was at because my car was there. He was and told me to go in for a drink with him and his friends. I went in we had a great time and I ended up sleeping with him. (Not proud of that choice) I didn't think I would ever see him again but I had such an amazing night and caught feelings. He messaged me the next day and we briefly chatted. I texted him the day after letting him know I didn't expect anything but that I had an amazing night. He responded letting me know that he had fun as well and that when he was in town next we would go out.

We kept in touch and a month later we made plans to go out. We went out and since then it's been 6 months and he's invited me to stay with him for the weekend where he lives and he's come to stay with me twice and we traveled together out of town to a show he had to do. We don't talk on the phone we text maybe once a week and have started seeing each other more than just once a month. I let him know that I started to catch feelings and that I wasn't sure if he felt the same way. He let me know that he did feel the same way and that I made him happy and that he didn't want to pressure me in to anything but hoped that I would still continue to see him when we had the chance as we both work a lot out of town.

I really like this guy and every time I'm around him or we spend time together I'm literally weak at the knees. I'm curious to know the opinion of others if you think he feels something for me too or am I just a convenience for him? He's not very vocal about sharing thoughts and feelings and we talk once a week as much as I like him I respect myself and I don't want this to only be one sided. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


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  • I don't want to hurt your feelings, I really don't, but my gut instinct is that you're being played, a booty call so to speak. Have you considered going to where he's doing his act and see how he's being with women there, wear a disguise or something, but you might get some insight. I know it sounds like stalking but it might provide you with an answer. A boyfriend is a boyfriend all the time.

  • Tell him that he is not placing pressure on you in the least, and that you would like to work towards being more with him. If he is a man of his word, he will increase his efforts to communicate and interact with you.

    Otherwise, he is not playing you. You are playing yourself, by remaining in a situation that will influence your feelings to grow with someone whose actions are unequal to his words, and who you are unsure of.


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