I am with this guy for seven months now he sending me crazy.

when i first met him he was cool he first told me he loved me i eventually fell in love with him not knowing he was pretending to love me , eventually he fell in love with me such that he is very jealous and possessive , he often talks about his ex his kids mom and even hinting that he wants me to be more like her he tells me how much they had in common it frustrates me , he talks about everything he does for me even the things he buys me to eat shameles, when we argue he takes whatever he bought or give to me back , everytime i ask him for something he complains but continues to talk all he did for his kids mom he wants me to move in with him saying that is the only way i am his responsible for taken care of me he is 35 an i am 20 , when i go to spend time with him he wants to have sex all day all night he doesn't , when i tell him i want us over he threatens suicide , he checks my phone 24/7 he texts and calls me all day i can't have frens he wants a baby and can't even take care of me he prefers to spend a lot of money of useless things than me seriously is this love what do i do so confused help pls


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  • Sometimes I do not like this webpage because one can give you an opinion/advice in a very insensitive manner.

    Nonetheless, I have to say this: 1) That is not love. 2) You are not going to be happy with him. 3) Do not be manipulated by what he's going to do if you leave. Saying is very different than doing. 4) He is 15 years older. Maybe you deserve to enjoy life a little more before settling with someone. You are 20!

    End the relationship. It is not a healthy one in my humble honest opinion.

    Hope it helps.


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