Why is she hanging out with the wrong crowd? Should I talk to her?

I have a friend and I think she's a great girl, but she hangs out with people that are totally not the people she should be hanging out with. She has a lot going for her, she's beautiful, smart, and all these great things, but she hangs out with people that she totally doesn't fit with. They strike me as like the HS "drop-out" type... She gets good grades, she's gorgeous, great personality. She just doesn't fit, I don't think.

She claims to not do drugs or anything, I've never seen her doing such things, nor does she seem at all like a person that would, but the people she hangs out with do, even her BF.

I see her as much better than that. I do have feelings for her... Strong feelings.

Why is she hanging out with such a crowd? Could it be a self-esteem issue? Should I talk to her?


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  • Yess Talk to her one on one when she has time and tell her how you feel and that your only looking out for her. But that's all you can do, its up to her if she will take ur advice or listen to you. You can give her all the advice you want, but either way she is going to do what she wants to do.


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