Should I visit friends of a guy I used to talk to out of State?

I was talking with a guy from out of state, I went to visit once in May and met some of his friends. We had only been talking for about 3 months. I recently purchased a ticket to go back and visit him for his birthday in July. Well unfortunately I did something that he was unhappy with and he broke it off and all ties. I now have this ticket that is non-refundable and will cost and extreme amount of money to transfer it elsewhere and I can not afford it. So debating on still going to visit regardless if he wants me there or not. I might run in to him obviously if I will be meeting up with his friends. I just don't want him to think I am there for him or him looking at me like I am the crazy girl. I just need to use my ticket that I spent $500 on. Of course I would talk to his friends first to make sure they are not uncomfortable with the situation. I appreciate our new found friendship and don't want this to cause any issues. If they are okay with it I would like to still go and hang out. Just don't know what his reaction would be if he seen me. He is pretty adamant he wants nothing to do with me. We just stopped talking a week ago. Please help...

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  • I know it is his friends decision but it will probably cause a problem with him and his friends. So I say no, don't go.

    • That is what I was concerned about also!! I still will leave it up to them to decide, they have known him awhile. I appreciate your response thank you

    • your welcome

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