I'm wondering how many girls on here have asked out a shy guy? even if he said no it would be helpful.-Thanks?

every now and than I see questions from girls who want to talk to or even ask out shy guys. I'm wondering how many of you gave it a try? even if it failed I would like to know.

PS: Thanks to anyone who gave the shy men in this world a chance. espically the shy girls who had to make the first move.

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  • Last time I asked out a shy guy it was for a friend because she is also extremely shy. Problem is it was awkward because I am also shy.

    • Shyness is the plague of society.

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    • Yes I asked him out for her. He said yes by the way.

    • awesome. that's good to hear.

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  • Never asked out! But my friend slipped out that I like my crush (he's shy) and he found out! I got ignored with awkward smiles and stares! Still getting ignored now it's been like 6months so yeah! That just lowered my confidence to actually tell him straight to face and ask him ! I'll reckon he probably make me doubt my own existence! If I asked him

    • aww. it's too bad that's how it turned out. maybe he just doesn't know how to behave around someone that might like him? just remember you are a real person and have confidence in who you are above all else.

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    • Lol no! He never came to prom! Now in sixth form! He's still ignoring me! But I'm tryin to move on hopefully!!

    • that's too bad. I'm sure you'll find someone.

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