Should I go visit an ex guy I was talking to friends?

This would be out of state, he wants nothing to do with me, big chance I could run in to him.


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  • If you want to go then you should. If you run into him, you don't have to talk or anything. Just keep going.

    • Thank you , I purchased a ticket to visit him in July. But just last week he flipped out on me and just dropped me like a wet mop. I need to use the ticket and can not afford to transfer it to another destination. I just don't want to make anyone fell uncomfortable by me being there. Now I have only met his friends once and him also. I still want to go but will ask hid friends first if they are comfortable with it. It's also his birthday weekend :/

    • That sounds like a well thought out plan. If his friends aren't ok with it, I guess you could just go and site see.

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