Scorpio men test their partners? Whats up with that?

Ok I've been dating this scorpio man for about five months now and i really didn't pay much attention to astrology untill now. I've been reading that these men like to put their partners through tests of some sorts i was wondering if anyone may know what kind of tests these are.. cause i thought things between us were going great. He lets me stay the night and stay at his place when he's not home. Plus buys me gifts of sexy lingerie. But then the next week he's barely texting. It weird. Anyone have any thought. Or maybe im being crazy paranoid?


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  • Hmm, weird, I am a scorpio, but I would be extremely devoted to my partner, and would only play games with the younger immature girls who play their own games...

    It is possible that he may have found someone else or is losing interest... I would consider looking into that... It is also possible he has gotten extremely busy and knows that you have his back so he is more sparing with his messages.

    I would now just watch his further steps and spare your own texts with him, see how he reacts. When you talk to him face-to-face next time you should be able to get the jist of his attitude towards you and whether he is actually busy or just losing interest.

    Hope that helped,


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  • We like alone time. Doesn't matter who we're spending time with at other times, alone time is valued.


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