I need advice how and if I should kiss this girl I am dating?

We have been dating for 3 months and she is my first girlfriend. We both REALLY like each other. I dont know what to do. any suggestions?


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  • Don't tongue it the first time, give it just lip, that's easier and less shocking haha. But just do it, she's your girlfriend... she wants it:)


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  • How old are you too? Make it special. Take her on a date. Maybe on a picnic to watch the sunset. Then lean in and kiss her. Or take he'd to star gaze. Or just on a different date and when you drop he'd off lean in and kiss her. The first two would be better though. I've always wanted a guy to do that to me :(


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  • It's so natural. Just go on a date that's quiet and calm, sit down and talk. If you feel the emotion in the air, act on it. The emotion is also coming from her. Go for it, stay short and to the point.

    In terms of what to do, just be kind of sweet about it. Don't try to overpower. There is no real right way. There is a wrong way though. Don't stick your tongue all the way in. Try to lead her into it by poke your tongue a little out, and see if she responds by doing the same.

    KEEP IT QUICK. Leave her wanting more