Is he interested in me romantically or not?

I was sleeping (nothing sexual) on my couch with a guy friend who I really like (he knows I like him) but we aren't official & we haven't defined the relationship or anything. at one stage he strokes my chin lightly & kissed my lips. For starters he was sleeping with his head on my lap & eventually we were both lying face to face & he always either hand his arm under my head pulled close with his other hand on the inside of my knee, & other times he'd switch around & put one arm on my waist & just grab my hand in a fist or lock a couple of his fingers with mine. Every time he made immediate movement too he'd starting rubbing my arm with his thumb & he'd kiss my forehead. Does it sound like he's actually interested?


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  • I want to punch you... Of course he's interested!

    I think you may just want someone to agree with you or are trying to draw attention.

  • He is just another guy wanting to get in your pants. (my opinion)


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