"I've always wanted to try an open relationship but I wouldn't know how"?

Guy told me this. I was honest and told him I'm not into that. He then told me he wouldn't mess around but
Should I trust it?
How disappointed do you think he is?
Is he less likely to want to be with me because I said no?


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What Guys Said 1

  • an open realasionship is where u can in polite words have sex with other guys while he does the same or vise versa i been hunting for the same had my heart broken badly

    • I know what it is. Like I stated below, the question was something he said to me.

What Girls Said 1

  • Open relationship means that you are together, there may be feelings there maybe not. But you are OPEN to date or talk or sex other people. By being in an open relationship you are forfeiting what a girl friend has rights to I. E: Being jealous when girls touch or talk to him.
    If he wants an open relationship explain that that includes messing around. Its basically the whole point.

    Just be open and honest about your wants and needs.

    • I know what it is haha , the question, that's just what he said. I told him when someone is mine, they're mine , I can't do open relationships.

    • Well if you were honest with him that all you can be. Hope it turns out good for you, but if he already says he doesn't want a relationship then cut your losses and dont wait around for a guy that isn't ready for you. Hope that doesn't sound mean but i spent 3 years in high school talking to a guy who said he liked me, had feelings for me, but would never date me cause he didn't wanna be tied down. Be with someone is who ready for what you are ready for.

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