So, I called her, she called me back 2 hrs later, and we're meeting this saturday. What should we talk about?

So, I'm very happy she agreed she agreed to meet this Saturday at 2 pm, downtown. I wanna know how to keepour time together from being awkward, and good topics we should talk about to have a good time.

I'm not very good at being funny, since I'm very shy around girls. Girls, what should we talk about? And what's the best time to tell her how I feel? Should I just tell her right away, or should we break the ice by having a small conversation first?

But at least I took the courage to ask her out, which is a huge step to improving myself, and I'm learning a lot from this experience.

Also, I'd really like to thank all the girls here for giving your honest opinions. I'll remember everything you guys taught me about relationships, and to thank you all, I'll give you all hi fives!
How do I tease a girl without scaring her off? I don't wanna over do it, so some tips on teasing would be great.


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  • You've been asking questions about her since god knows when! So cute! *_*
    I she's leaving for Canada next week, make it fast. Don't blurt out things right away, but don't stall the matter with small talk. You don't have to tease her. You can talk to her about anything under the sun. Seriously. Talk to her about yourself too, don't just nod at whatever she says.

    • Awe, thank you ^_^ I wanna tell her how I feel soon before she leaves canada, and she's the first girl I've asked to go on a date with, and its my first time telling a girl how I really feel about her.

    • I'll definitely let her know how I feel! Thanks!

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  • I think there was a first part of this question I didn't see but I will do my best to answer from this.

    I'm assuming you're going on a first date with a girl you really like. Are you planning on keeping in contact with her through text until then - it's probably a good idea as you can get more comfortable with each other and the date won't be so uncomfortable. I recommend not trying to cover being nervous at all actually! If she likes you she will think it's really cute and trust me she is way more nervous girls spend hours getting ready and in the beginning we're just thinking - does he think I look pretty? lol Start the date saying you look great or maybe make a comment about something she's wearing and then say she looks great. Talk about where she's from - what she does - what she wants to do - maybe ask her just general questions - I recommend googling questions to ask on a first date, most are them are specifically made to not make the other person too uncomfortable but to also spark long personal answers so that by the end you really feel like you know her. If you like her a lot, don't tease her! that will impress her.

  • i dont think you should tell the girl how you feel right away because you need to get to know who she is and how she is. Try to find out what kind of person she is by asking what would you do questions because you dont want to just want to ask stuff like "what do you like to do" try to be YOU thats the most important thing and if your still feeling her by the end of the date then let her know you had a great time and ask her out again. Good luck!

    • Well, the thing is, she's leavin Canada next week, so if I don't tell her now, then it'd be too late, and her smile really attracts me the most. Besides, I already told her in a voice message that " I had something important to say to her". By the end of the date, when I get a chance to know her better, I'll tell her how I really feel. Thanks!

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  • Knowing females, here's to hoping she doesn't flake on you from here to Saturday morning. Lol
    Anyway, believe it or not, you can talk about WHATEVER you want. Make jokes, if she likes you, no matter how corny you might actually be, she'll laugh. The world is your playground, look around and bring up random stuff, it's what I do when I run out of things to say. Bring up an interesting point about random shit you see/heard and get her input on it, react to what she says. Women also tend to love talking about themselves, bring up certain specific things about her (like something she might be wearing or her hair) and talk about it. Tease a bit too to make things fun and not linear.

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