Is she a rebound?

So me and my now ex boyfriend were together for a long time. His friends never understood what we had in common but really, we had everything in common. His friends were just so conceited. He used to bitch about his friends. They're all lazy and unmotivated, irresponsible, immature, whiny, etc. And yes, these were people that he claims are his best friends. I remember the exact conversation, he was talking about how she had this really ugly tattoo (which he is totally against) and her trashy 13 something piercings (which again, he is totally against). He always talked about how they were also mean to people.

And now, after we've broken up, he's dating her? It's like...WTF?

All of his friends are saying things like, "It's about time you set your sights in the right direction!" Is she a rebound? I mean, guys can you really change your standards that quickly?

I have no doubt his friends cheering him on have something to do with it. His friends are trashy alcoholics and if only they knew the things he has said about them...but of course I'd never tell anyone. Oh and him and this girl...are moving VERY fast.


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  • I think she is a rebound.


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