Should I break the friendship and go after this friend of mine?

So I've been chasing after girls for like a normal single male would and it's never really ended up working out for me.

The thing is I keep chasing after these girls and failing when there's a female friend of mine that I'm 80% sure is attracted to me.

I've gotten hints from her and our friends. I never really pursued her because she was pursued by other mutual friends of ours and I had a lot of respect for her when she turned them all down for the sake of keeping the harmony of our friend circle.

We have similar interests and joke around a lot but ever since her decision I only ever treated her as a friend. But after so many years of never really finding the one for me, it feels like the world is telling me something. Maybe I haven't paying attention to the right girl who might be in front of me.

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  • Yes never waste an opportunity to tell someone how you feel while you still can. She could meet somebody else tomorrow and it won't matter what the universe was telling you, you miss your chance. Rejection and awkward friendships is easier to live with than wondering what if all your life. Tell her you like her before she hears it from another guy.


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  • If you know you want to date her and you wouldn't be happy unless you give it a try, then do it


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