Should I accept my bully on a dating site?

I'm a member on a dating site with a visible profile, with photos and a good description of myself.
I'm not a particularly active member, but my profile is still visible.
I just logged on, and noticed that I have a contact request from a guy I went to school with. I havn't seen him since I was 13, when I left the school.
I remember him quite distinctly for bullying me. He was a bit of an idiot, and used to laugh at me all the time, making my time at school a living hell.
That was over half a life time ago now, (14 years have passed since then).

Why do you think he added me? Just as a joke?

Should I accept his request?

To be honest, I feel tempted to, just out of curiosity. I wouldn't even consider him as a potential person to date, but I'm very curious.
If I do accept him, how do I make sure that I don't come across as some sort of loser? Because I know I am not, I've changed a lot since school, I'm a lot more confident now, with a good sense if humour and sense of self. However I'd hate to be turned into a joke again.
Should I pretend not to recognise him? Or be more confident, and acknowledge him, but be easing going yet skeptical?

Any opinions would be appreciated! Guys especially, but girls too!


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  • I wouldn't. He just added you with no message prior or anything? He didn't acknowledge his previous behaviour, but thinks that just because he recognises you and 14 years have passed, you're somehow friends now?
    Block him.

    • Well there isn't an option to send a prior message, you can only select one of five sentences provided, and he chose "I like your profile and hope to learn more about you". Do you think he added me as a joke? I'm not forgiving him at all, I would remain skeptical and vague if I spoke to him on there, I guess I'm just curious. Maybe he doesn't recognise me...

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    • Hmm. Still seems like an idiot you say?
      Yeah, ignore/block him. Once you acknowledge him the first time, it's hard to get rid of them. It's not worth the trouble for someone you don't even like. Maybe if they had been an acquaintance, sure, but not a bully.

    • Thanks for your opinion :)

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  • I would reject him. bullies are hurtful. He may have changed, but you don't care about him anyway, so avoid him

  • i would reject that asshole without thinking twice about it


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