I miss him so much, I feel so bad?

This guy I was talking to,
I miss him so much.
I doubt he'll talk to me again after what happened.
We were dating, but our problem was never fixed.
He was always busy. Didn't talk to him sometimes all week... if we finally talked, he would take long to reply.
But when I talked to that man... it was heaven.
He knew what to say to calm me down. To fade my insecurities.
I messed up bad. I let my insecurities and pride get the best of me.
Our on and off relationship vanished for good, but I can't help but miss him.
He was perfect to me. I messed up.
What can I do to feel better?
Never met a guy that could handle me so well.

It's been months since we last spoken.
He doesn't reply back.

He accepted me in Skype, but hasn't replied, even when he's on


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  • I say give him a call & just speak with your heart & not thoughts but don't scare him off & if he doesn't answer just move one even though it's not easy I wish it was easy how most guys make it seem easy to move from a girl


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  • Yell him how you feel one more time and give it another shot. Love is sometimes worth it I guess.


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