Hey everyone, what are your deal breakers when it comes to a relationship?

I'm just curious. Personally, I could not date a guy with bad teeth. Rotting, yellow, buttery teeth, and bad breath, is something that I would NOT be willing to put up with. Not saying that a guy must have perfect teeth, but decent dental health is a must. What are yours? Are your deal breakers only physical?


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  • ugh I couldn't date a girl with that description either:p I have a friend who fits that exact description! its so nasty dude! I seriously do not know how his GF kissed and made out with him all the time! so sickening! anyways a deal breaker for me is a girl who can't show as much affection towards me as I have shown her.


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  • Bad hygiene
    Close mindedness/intolerance
    Rude (condescending, etc)
    Lacks motivation